Hempfield High School
France & Switzerland June 2006

I truly appreciated the sense of confidence your staff conveyed by their professionalism, punctuality, friendliness, helpfulness and resiliency to adjust to our needs.  The diversity of the sites on the tour are what life-long memories are made of.  The program tour was fabulous!  What an experience!  The cuisine for the most part was magnificent.  What a fun, informative person we had as a tour guide.  Summer Allman definitely added to the overall enjoyment of our 10-day tour.  As usual, you exceeded our expectations with a well-planned tour of excellent quality.  Though it was a student tour, the adults were impressed with the quality of the tour, meals, guide and every other aspect of the trip.  The accommodations were very authentic yet comfortable…great, clean, well kept, etc.  The meals were wonderful.  Pleasantly impressed with the ambiance, food, location and service of all the restaurants.  Each day was a pleasant surprise.