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We are committed to providing the opportunity for people of all ages to learn and grow through the unique experiences and cultural enrichment that is gained through well planned and successfully executed tours.

First-hand exposure to another culture and its people is an eye-opening and rewarding experience. Group travel offers even more valuable learning opportunities for young people that we feel are particularly important:

  • Advancing Language, Communication and Interpersonal Skills
    Activities designed to promote interaction with local people & peers
  • Group Dynamics, Cooperation, Tolerance & Compromise
    Working together before & while on tour to make the most of the experience
  • Planning & Scheduling
    Teachers can actively engage students in the tour planning & site selection
  • Responsibility
    Saving and budgeting money (both before and on the tour)
  • Appreciation of Another Culture
    And a new appreciation for our own American culture and way of life


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Chatuea de Chenanceau
Loire Valley, France


Retiro Park Madrid