General Information

Cultural Connections Group Tours provides students and educational groups of all ages, with high quality, customized travel programs (to both domestic and international destinations) that are uniquely tailored and operated to meet the needs of student and educational groups.  Typical groups we work with include students studying a foreign language, a senior class, a focused University discipline or class, a middle school history group, or, a large family group or group of adults interested in continuing education and exploring the world beyond our US borders.

Cultural Connections Group Tours provides group leaders with an alternative to large, inflexible tour operators that offer mass produced, pre-packaged tours (often with low lead prices, indicative of the lower quality meals, hotels, and other services provided).  Advantages of working with Cultural Connections Group Tours include:

  • Work with a dedicated, experienced tour coordinator to plan your tour schedule & inclusions, promotional timeline, and traveler / family communications.  Enjoy having a single point of contact (a real live person!) to partner with, refer travelers to when they have questions you’re not sure how to answer, and/or host meetings (online or in person) as needed throughout the process.
  • High quality tour services at competitive pricing – your tour coordinator will work with you to meet your budget needs and help you understand the price/feature tradeoff so you can make decisions in the planning period to hit the price target that you know will work for your group of travelers.  Examples include adjusting your travel dates, your hotel standard/s and location/s, your meal budgets, or your complimentary traveler ratio. We also operate in an efficient, low-overhead model so more of your tour dollars are spent on your tour services, not paying other company operating and marketing costs.  Additionally, we work to incorporate all types of special requests into your travel program – whether it be a special visit, festival, workshop or activity; or a favorite hotel, restaurant, or tour guide…special requests are our specialty!
  • Flexible Billing & Payment Terms – we are able to offer many payment arrangements to help meet the varied needs of travelers and families, including convenient & easy credit card payments accepted online or by phone, lump sum payment incentives, and long term monthly installment payment plans (pay-as-you-go or set auto-payment arrangements).  Also, our direct traveler billing takes the burden off teachers and schools of having to manage this very tedious and time consuming task – chase down students, collect and deposit payments, and issue checks/meet deadlines.  Additionally, we are happy to integrate your fundraising efforts with our travelers billing – group leaders can very easily submit fundraising that can be applied to individual traveler accounts.
  • Top-Notch Tour Managers & Guides – we know the PEOPLE you travel with are the key element in making it all come together and turn the dream into reality.  They manage daily issues and help each and every traveler get the most out of their investment in travel in too many ways to mention.  Aware of this, we maintain relationships with the BEST of BEST to ensure all the work you and our staff puts into a tour is truly realized when the time finally comes.  We work hard to align the best suited tour managers and guides in advance to ensure the tour quality and also utilize their expertise and partner with them in the planning process.