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  Our prices are much more inclusive
    -No membership fees, hidden charges or add-on fees
    -No weekend or peak season surcharges
    -Our tour escorts do NOT up-sell & push additional sightseeing
      "optionals" while on-tour; we simply include it all up front!

  Our prices are straight-forward with NO SURPRISES
    -No complicated pricing formulas to calculate
    -All items included and NOT included are clearly indicated 
    -Any price supplements (e.g., double room) are clearly indicated.

  Our prices are competitive
    -When you make an apples to apples comparison we are always within 10% of other student tour operators
    -Most other tour operators offer high volume, mass produced tours, the lowest possible supplier costs, and lots of money spent on marketing and advertising.
    -We focus on keeping our overhead low, operating efficiently, and spending your money on your tour - not on excessive marketing and advertising.

   Arc de Trimphe

. . . Most of our new customers come by word of mouth!

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39 Saginaw Drive, Suite #24, Rochester, NY 14623

Chatuea de Chenanceau
Loire Valley, France


Retiro Park Madrid